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You’re a senior (or proud momma of a high school senior!) seeking out a photographer to bring out your confidence in fun, personality-packed photos for your yearbook or just your social media profile.

You’re a family looking for a photographer that doesn’t just take photos but also cares about watching your kids grow up.

You’re tying the knot and ready for wedding photos that not only capture the moment but also the feelings you’ll want to relive every time you pull out your album.






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After graduating from Dental Hygiene school, I bought my first camera. I only ever intended for it to be a hobby. Once my family & friends got a hold of me to take their photos, they realized how much I wanted to be a photographer. They supported my dreams and encouraged me to open my own business.

For years, I wanted to quit my job and go full time with my photography. Even with the best bosses, coworkers, and patients, deep down I knew it wasn’t the job for me. I was so scared to take the leap because of all the self-doubt. What would people think? Would they think I was crazy for leaving a stable job? I worried all the time that people would question it. But something changed: I decided to stop worrying about others and do what was right for me. Now I’m not afraid to be myself, a girl who loves photography & people!

Growing up, I had zero confidence. I didn’t love who I was and struggled to be happy with myself. I’ll be real with you: That feeling continued into my adult life. It took years to work through that. That’s why I love speaking life into the kids I photograph and making sure everyone who gets in front of my camera feels confident, appreciated, and accepted. But I didn’t know this was the plan for my life until several years ago.

Sometimes the only thing that holds us back from true success & happiness is ourselves. When we let that worry in, fear wins over faith. Can you relate?

Alabama photographer, proud wife, boy & dog mom, & believer in Jesus

Hey, friend! I’m Paden.

Let’s make you feel beautiful & confident in front of the camera.

I love mentoring the seniors I photograph, keeping up with the families who are more friend than client, capturing a couple’s love in photo form, and empowering women to love who they are through boudoir photography.

I became a photographer because I love taking photos that capture your truest self— from those lovey-dovey eyes you give your fiance to the laughs & giggles of your toddlers as they grow up. 

Building a community that loves, uplifts, and encourages each other while supporting your hopes & dreams is what I’m all about. I love getting to know you and watching your family grow up through years of photos. I want to be there when you get engaged and married, when you raise your kids and bring all the little ones together for a family photo, and when your senior graduates from high school and looks so grown up in their photos.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to pose or what your ‘best angles’ are! I’m here to help you feel comfortable and just have a fun time together.

I’m a photographer for families, couples, and seniors across North Alabama seeking photos that give joy and capture the moments that made you.

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Emotion-filled, passionate imagery for deeply in love couples saying “I do”!

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I love to laugh and have a good time! That means I’ll almost definitely join you on the dance floor at your wedding.


I’m a coffee lover… but only if it’s 
sugared up and tastes like a candy bar!


I love pizza and Dr Pepper. Oh, and I could probably live off french fries & frozen cokes from Burger King.


I'm an enneagram type 6w7.


I'm a new momma to be!! 


Bring on the kids & the dogs! My THREE dogs Remi Jo, Evie & Dansby are my babies!


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